Born Learning Trail

BLT at Shorkey


At United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County we have a variety of projects throughout the year that will engage our volunteers and support our community. The installation and maintenance of a personalized Born Learning Trail in the community is a community treasure to help lift childhood success. 


CLICK HERE to download the Born Learning Brochure

During 2022-23 The United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County plans to install several Born Learning Trails in the Mid & South Jefferson County area. If you would like to be involved in the volunteer efforts email


kid on trail

A Born Learning Trail in your community is a community treasure. Trails provide interactive, engaging outdoor activities that stimulate cognitive development, promote early literacy, and encourage physical activity among kids. Trails are an excellent resource for parents and caregivers spending outdoor time with their pre-K children.


Looking for an interactive volunteer project? This is the project for you! Not artistic? No problem. Designs can be freehanded or traced over a stencil. Not a fan of the paint brush? You can be a part of the preparations that include pressure washing the trail to be prepped for painting. 

A Born Learning Trail can be completed in one day or over a few days depending on your needs. 

Volunteer painting on the trail